lauantai 27. joulukuuta 2008

id Tech 5 / Doom 4 ported to Symbian OS

How long will it take until this news is reported all over the net? Think about it, Quake I, II and III have already been ported. We will just see when Doom 3 and Quake 4 get their sources released, and finally Doom 4. Symbian OS is growing and expanding its capabilities all the time, and in the future it supports quad core (or even more) processor composition, so it's very likely that these games would be playable in the future devices.

Interesting to see what the future brings to us, eh?

perjantai 19. joulukuuta 2008

Uusi peli 9210(i):lle / New game for 9210(i)

Jos jollain sattuu olemaan vielä antiikkivehje Nokia 9210 tai sen i-malli, niin tässä olis uutta polttopuuta pelien saralle:

Porttasin SDL:ää käyttävän Dodgin' Diamond 2:n tälle alustalle, vaikka tiedän että kohderyhmä on todella, todella pieni. Sanokaa mua vaikka hulluksi tai jotain, mutta tämän siistin alustan ei pidä kuolla vielä :)
OPL runtime pitää olla asennettuna ennen pelin pelaamista.


PS. Ei ole ääntä, ainakaan vielä, ja ampumisnappi on a.
Lisää osoitteesta

If someone still owns a Nokia 9210 or its i model (or 9290, or 9210c), he/ she might be interested in the recent port of Dodgin' Diamond 2 arcade space shooter game:

I ported the game which uses SDL although I know the user base is amazingly small. Call me crazy or something, but I think this platform is not yet to be buried.

Before you can play, you will have to install OPL runtime. The installation file is located here.

PS. The game lacks sound currently, and the shooting button is a.

More info at