maanantai 26. lokakuuta 2009 / petition

ceroberts75 teki vetoomuksen sivuston puolesta Nokialle luettavaksi, eli kaikki jotka ovat sivuston puolesta, kannattaa kirjoittaa koska Nokian touhussa ei mielestäni ole mitään järkeä kohdella sivustoa kuin roskaa, kaiken sen jälkeen mitä ylläpitäjä on tehnyt Nokian ja Symbianin hyväksi. Kirjoitin itsekin vetoomuksen, mutta kommentistani taisi tulla liian pitkä, koska se ei näy allekirjoituksissa.

ceroberts75 on the forum created a petition on behalf of to be read by Nokia, so everyone who is on the site's side, I ask you to sign the petition because there's really no sense in Nokia's way in which it treats the site and the administrator. Especially after what the site has done for Nokia and Symbian - promoted every Symbian device out there, but Nokia just ignores it. I signed the petition but my comment was probably to large so it doesn't show in the signatures. But here it is.

"This is truly the best Symbian site there is, and I really can't understand why Nokia treats the site like cr*p. Michal is always the last one who gets the review phones (or not at all), like the N900, which were given to 300 people at the Maemo Summit, but there's no unit left for him although he's been constantly asking Nokia for months if he could get one. 

My-Symbian has been on the net before Symbian was even born, and has ALWAYS promoted Nokia's products from the GEOS Communicator times, and has brought thousands of new customers for Nokia and has kept a thousand more as Nokia users. Somehow Nokia doesn't see it and leaves the site out of link lists (like in the case of Nokia Conversations), and the Maemo Marketing Manager doesn't even respond to his e-mails regarding a better N900 review phone than the one Michal had to obtain unofficially, with broken/ missing radio chip!?

Nokia acts very immaturely towards My-Symbian and Michal, and I'd like to hear a reason for this."

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minul on sellanen puhelin

.. sit se ei oikee toimi ku siin on joku vika

osaisitkohan siä kertoo mikä siinä on vikana.

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Siinä puhelimessa on jotain vikana sit.