maanantai 21. maaliskuuta 2016

WhatsApp ending support for S60

It's a sad year. WhatsApp has announced that they will drop the support for marginal operating systems after 2016. Marginal OS's include S60, of course. I've been using WhatsApp on my Nokia E90 for a while now and while it's not fast, it functions well and there's nothing wrong with it.

Now I think it's time to move on... I decided to get myself a cover with a keyboard for my Samsung Galaxy S3. Actually two of them.

Image (c)

Image (c)

And on top of that I also got myself A Motorola Droid 4 for just 60 €. We'll see how these gadgets manage to do the job in the hands of a long time Communicator user.

Image (c)

Too bad the Nordic keyboard layout is missing from all of today's devices, but I think I can draw Ä and Ö characters on the keyboard with a white marker.

BTW. Check out this FB page. It lists comments and yearnings about QWERTY phones.

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